Welcome to The ASD Clubhouse

We’re so happy you’ve taken the time to visit and learn a little more about raising children with autism or other special needs in Omaha, Nebraska.

What is the ASD Clubhouse?

We started this blog to help you, the parents of children with special needs, discover new recreational, educational and inspirational resources in the Omaha area.

We hope to provide you with articles about local resources that you may or may not have heard of.  We’ll also discuss toys, apps, activities and therapies along with some ideas on how they might help your child.

While we called our site the ASD Clubhouse after Autism Spectrum Disorder, we will provide information for many other special needs along with autism like Asperger’s and Down’s Syndrome.  Also, we like the idea of calling our site “Alex’s Super-Dooper Clubhouse.”

Who runs this site?

We welcome you all to the ASD Clubhouse from the Wendels!The ASD Clubhouse is run by Brad and Mindi Wendel.  Our son, Alex, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Spring of 2014, and our lives were changed forever.  Neither of us had very much interaction with kids with special needs growing up in Omaha and Fremont, Nebraska, so when it came time for us to raise one of our own, we were unsure of what resources were available and what the best next steps were. 

We sought out help from pediatricians, teachers, friends and family and (looking back on it now) stumbled our way into a successful developmental program that has allowed Alex to overcome many of his developmental delays and get a strong start towards a successful academic career in the Millard Public School system.

Every day is a new experience, and every day provides us the opportunity to explore the Omaha area for new and exciting ways to help raise our autistic child.

What Can I Find at the ASD Clubhouse?

We will make the ASD Clubhouse your one-stop shop for local events and activities specifically intended for children with special needs in the Omaha area. 

As parents, we’re always looking for new ways to help our child interact and grow in the community, and sometimes finding those activities can be challenging.  We will be keeping a close eye on the various organizations around town and be your best source for information on upcoming events and learning opportunities.

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Omaha is our Clubhouse!

As the parents of special needs kids in the Omaha area, we are all members of the ASD Clubhouse.  Together we will make Omaha a welcoming, fun place where all our kiddos can all learn, grow, interact and live together.

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