Advocacy and the Education Rights Counsel

WHAT IS THE EDUCATION RIGHTS COUNSEL? LEGAL SERVICES & SOLUTIONS FOR STUDENTS AND FAMILIES Education Rights Counsel was created from a desire to make education better for students and families by equalizing access to legal advocacy. ERC programs create systemic change for Nebraska schools and families. We equalize access to legal representation for under-resourced families […]

Join the Council Bluffs Autism Support Group for their Annual Walk and Fun Event!

Autism Support in Council Bluffs

Do your kiddos with autism live in or near Council Bluffs?  If so, you should look into joining the Council Bluffs Autism Support Group!  As their website says, “We support the many issues involved in raising & educating a person with ASD. This group is open to those who care about a person with autism.” […]

Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands

Learn What the Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands has Coming in 2018

The Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands (DSA) provides parents, educators, caregivers and their kids with Down Syndrome with a wide plethora of opportunities for fun, education, support, advocacy and community in the Omaha area.  Aside from their daily operations, the DSA has already planned several dozen events through various groups and programs.  You can find […]