Autism Awareness and Acceptance are year-long endevours, but we celebrate all of the great and frustrating things about autism with our kiddos and the community.

We Light the Clubhouse Up Blue!

Welcome to Autism Awareness Month, Clubhouse friends!  Today, we have changed the color scheme of our site so we can, in our own way, #LightItUpBlue and celebrate the kiddos, teens, young adults and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Nebraska and throughout the world.

Over the course of the month we’ll be providing a number of posts here on our blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show our constant love, support and acceptance for those kids with autism and their families, guardians, teachers, therapists and friends.

Above all else, the ASD Clubhouse is here to remind all special needs kiddos and families that they are NEVER, EVER alone.

Here in the Clubhouse we have an inclusive community where everyone is welcome, accepted and celebrated.

It is our constant hope that through the actions of the Clubhouse, we will extend this loving, accepting culture throughout Nebraska and beyond.

We look forward to sharing this month with you, our Clubhouse community.  We look forward to hearing your stories, your triumphs, your celebrations and how autism has changed your life.

Happy Autism Awareness (and Acceptance) Month everyone!

Let us know what you think!