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Welcome to Alex’s Super-Dooper (ASD) Clubhouse!

We welcome you all to the ASD Clubhouse from the Wendels!In the Spring of 2014, our son Alex was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Like many new parents of children with special needs, we had no clue what or who was out there to help us. It didn’t take us long to realize that there were hundreds of organizations, therapists, volunteers and teams out there ready and anxious to help Alex learn and grow and overcome the challenges in his life.

Find the help you need

We have researched and catalogued hundreds of therapists, therapies, clinics and organizations with experts and volunteers ready to help you and your children learn, grow and explore their world.  Every one of them has strengths and focus that may be just what you’re looking for your child.  Use our Search Listing page to find the kind of service or resource you need.  We continue to research and add new resources, services and events every day.  Subscribe with the Clubhouse to get e-mail alerts for them and more.

Discover new opportunities

If you’re like us, you may not know what’s out there for your family and your children.  You’ll be amazed by the variety of services and events designed just for our kids with special needs.  Perhaps you looked at that museum and thought, “There’s no way we could go there.”  Perhaps you thought, “There’s no way our child could play that game.”  We know as you Search through our listings and events you will find many opportunities for your children to explore activities, sports and more.

Join your community

As parents of kids with special needs, sometimes we feel very alone and dread leaving the comfort and security of our homes.  You are not alone.  Throughout all of Nebraska and Iowa are communities large and small ready to welcome you and include your child in their activities.  Together, we make life every day better for our kids and all the other kids in our world.  Search through out listings and remember that each and every one of them is looking to build safe, inclusive, and communal environments.

Connect your services with new kids

For businesses, organizations, teams and therapists, the ASD Clubhouse is here to help you connect with the kids and their families so they can take advantage of your services and resources.  We hope that you will claim your listing, keep it updated, add events to our Events Calendar and share with the parents and families who enjoy our website.  We look forward to working with all of you to expand your services to kids who may not know about you yet.