Special Needs for Your Extraordinary Kids

Frequently Asked Questions

A “listing” is an entry in our database that describes a single service, business, resource or location.

A single entity/business may have multiple listings, one for each physical location.

After you log into the Clubhouse using your credentials, go to your listing page. In the lower right-hand corner of the screen you’ll see a small, blue box with a square and a pencil over it. This is your EDIT LISTING box. Click on it, and the screen will change to the EDIT LISTING page where you can update your information.

When you’re done updating, be sure click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.  BE CAREFUL! Once you submit the changes, we cannot undo them.

TAGS, also referred to as KEYWORDS, are words and phrases that best describe the features and offerings of your listing. They can also be adjectives that describe you, your services and the kinds of special needs that you address.

There is no limit to the number of Tags you can apply to your listing.

Tags are used by browsers to find your listing. A browser to the Clubhouse can type a keyword or tag into the Search field and if your listing has that tag applied to it, your listing will appear in the Search results.

To add and modify your tags, you will need to upgrade your listing to our PREMIER listing package for a small, 1-time annual fee.

When a browser searches for listings in the Clubhouse, the results are displayed in the order they were originally added to our Directory. If your listing has been in the Clubhouse for a long time, it might not appear until the bottom of the Search Results.

If you “bump” your listing, it will automatically be moved to the top of the Search results every time.

In order to “bump” your listing, you will need to upgrade your listing to our PREMIER listing package for a small, 1-time annual fee.

If you see a listing that is providing incorrect information, fraudulent or inappropriate, you can REPORT that listing to the ASD Clubhouse Admin staff and we will deal with it accordingly.

At the top of each listing page, you will see a small warning symbol.  Simply click on that symbol and fill out the form with your concerns.

You can save listings to your Profile Dashboard as a “favorite” by clicking on the small heart icon on the listing page.  Then, the next time you log into the Clubhouse, you can go to the Favorites list under your Dashboard and go straight to that listing page.

You can favorite as many listings as you like.

Yes, you can.  When you click on the Login button on our site, you can hit either the Google or Facebook icon, and then link those user accounts to your account with the Clubhouse.  If you have any problems with this link, please Contact Us.