Special Needs for Your Extraordinary Kids

Find the Help You Need

Find the Help You Need

ASD Clubhouse is the premier website for families with kids with special needs in Eastern Nebraska, providing information on recreational, educational and inspiration activities and ideas.Welcome to the new and improved ASD Clubhouse!

Our website has grown into a huge directory of information and upcoming events for hundreds of organizations, therapists, sports teams, communities, businesses and more, all of which are dedicated to serving children with special needs in Nebraska and Iowa.  When our son was first diagnosed with autism, we didn’t know where to go to find therapists, sports teams or anyone who might help us figure out what to do next.  After a few years and a ton of failures and successes, we’ve accumulated all the people and groups we’ve met into a single site to make it easy for YOU to find the help that you need.

We’ve assembled a foundation of “listings” that includes organizations, museums, societies, therapists, day care centers, baseball and soccer teams and more.  We’ve also included “tags” or keywords to help you find what you’re looking for. Just type in what you want into our search fields and let’s see what we have for you.

There’s a lot you can learn in each listing:

  • Physical location of their facilities, including a new Google Map to show you the way.
  • Their website
  • Their main phone number
  • Their Facebook page
  • A general description of their services
  • Reviews submitted by other browsers like you

Once you’re done looking at listings, check out our updated Events Calendar which includes upcoming recreational and educational opportunities throughout Nebraska and Iowa.  We’ve enhanced your ability to search through our events too.  Good thing since there’s a TON of things going on.

We hope you’ll take some time to browse through our directory and Event Calendar.  We will be updating our site often with new listings and events, so be sure to SUBSCRIBE with your e-mail address to get the latest updates sent directly to you.

We hope you find the help you need.

We hope you discover new opportunities.

We hope you’ll find and join a community to help you and your children live happier lives.

We hope you’ll spread the word about ASD Clubhouse to all the parents, families, groups and businesses that work with your kiddos.  If there’s anything we’ve learned enhancing our website, it’s that there is a wonderful variety of amazing people who want to help you and your families raise your kids in safe, inclusive and enjoyable environments. 

All of us here at ASD Clubhouse are happy to be a part of that community and look forward to providing you with accurate, up-to-date information in the future!

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