Special Needs for Your Extraordinary Kids

How to Add a New Listing

ASD Clubhouse is happy to post any new, verified listing for FREE for use by the families of children with special needs in Nebraska and Iowa.  If you wish to add information about your business or organization, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Log into ASD Clubhouse using your account.  CLICK HERE to learn how to create an account.
  2. Click on the “+ ADD YOUR SERVICE FOR FREE” button in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage.
  3. Enter a title for your listing.  This will be the main name for how your listing will appear on our site and in search results.
  4. Select the category that best describes your listing.  Your options are:
    1. Arts & Entertainment – You provide a service that focuses on expanding our kids’ creativity and artistic expression.  This includes places like museums, zoos, movie theaters, acting or dance companies, etc.
    2. Business – You provide a service or you have a company which provides sensory-friendly services for kids with special needs like a day care, dentist office, hair salon, etc.
    3. Communities – Your organization is here to provide services, support, advocacy or assistance to kids and their families.  You provide fellowship and educational gatherings or groups for everyone living in the area.
    4. Education – Your service is primarily here to teaching our kids and parents something new.  You may be tied to a school or school district or you provide transitional services for our kids into adulthood.
    5. Professional Services – You or your company provide therapeutic services for our kids, including speech, behavioral and occupational therapies, or you provide services specifically geared for our kids like wheelchairs.
    6. Sports & Recreation – You provide our kids opportunities to be active and part of a team environment to play with other kids.
  5. After your select your category, the screen will adjust to include many Additional Details that you can add about your service.  Please fill out as much as you can.  The more information you can provide, the better.  If there are fields that you would like added to your listing, Contact Us and let us know.
  6. Add your phone number and website.
  7. Add any social media accounts you would like tied to your listing.
  8. In the field under “Tell us more about you” add as much detail about your service as you like.  We recommend you include things like:
    1. The first sentence is the most important as it will appear first in search results, so make it a good one!
    2. Your mission statement
    3. A listing of your services and how they might benefit our kids
    4. Information on what types of special needs you may have a specialty
  9. Add your primary e-mail address.  If a browser sends you a message from your listing page, this is the address it will be emailed to.
  10. If you wish to add an image at this time, you can enter them into the photo gallery.
  11. Enter the “official” name of your listing that will appear in the below your listing.  This is a create place to add an acronym for your service (ex. ASN) or specify if you’re an LLC or Inc.  Very likely, this will be the same thing that you entered into Step #3.  After you create your listing, run a search for it and make sure your name appears just like you want it or modify this field again.
  12. Upload an image of a logo for your service.  If you don’t have one, don’t worry.
  13. Enter the Physical Address tied to your service.  Google Maps will provide you with options as you’re typing them in.  Select the correct one and the map (along with the longitude and latitude settings) will adjust automatically.
  14. Review everything and then click the Submit button.
  15. Our team will review your listing and then approve it.  You’ll receive an e-mail notice when we do, or we will contact you to clarify any questions we may have.

Once your listing is approved, it will appear in the Clubhouse directory!