Special Needs for Your Extraordinary Kids

Alpha School

The primary mission of the Alpha School is to help students with behavioral/emotional conditions who have been unable to maintain traditional school placement. This is achieved through an integration of behavioral and academic instruction. Our goal for each student is to successfully transition to a less restrictive placement.

Alpha School – Where Winning Begins.

For over 40 years, Alpha School has offered services for students in southeast Nebraska and Western Iowa who have not been successful in the public school system. Students are typically referred to Alpha school because they are physically aggressive, verbally aggressive, or display other behaviors that negatively impact their academic and/or social progress. Alpha School believes that troubled youth can change if they understand how change benefits them. We begin with the assumption our students have not mastered certain life skills and require participation in our skill development program utilizing a “learning by doing” model.

Academic Expectations

Alpha School provides a full academic and social skills curriculum for students K-12. Alpha offers a low teacher-to-student ratio with classrooms having a maximum of twelve students with two classroom staff. The learning expectations are high for students attending Alpha. Students are continually and progressively challenged to improve their academic and behavioral performances. Every effort is made to help students who are behind academically to get to grade level, or above, before they leave the program. For students struggling to understand their academic materials, Alpha is able to offer individual instruction. High school students can earn the additional credits required towards graduating and can receive a diploma from their neighborhood high school.

Program Overview

Alpha School offers an individualized, full day program (6 hours per day) to students who are referred by their public school district. Depending upon the state of residence, students must be verified by the referring school district as having an Emotional Disturbance (ED) according to the criteria established in Nebraska Rule 51 Special Education Law or according to the criteria established in the Iowa Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education “Administrative Rules of Special Education”.

Alpha students can range in ages from five to twenty-one years with cognitive abilities ranging from low-average through very bright. Alpha School provides the necessary structure and consistency to encourage students towards the path of making positive choices. Students are expected to participate in our “Token Economy” where they will receive point awards and fines – point awards for displaying desired behaviors and point fines for displaying undesired behavior.

Values & Beliefs Statements

  • Dignity and worth of students and their families.
  • Students can change.
  • Parents/guardians know their child best and are vital to their child’s performance.
  • Education starts where the student is at and builds on the strengths of that student.
  • Collaborating with families, service providers, and other professionals involved with our students to provide a team approach towards success.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of all information relating to our students and their families.
  • Individualized Education Plans are used to best help a student grow and are revised as needed.

Alpha’s approach addresses the behavioral, emotional, and learning difficulties of students while supporting their educational needs. Alpha School is designed to provide students with the educational and emotional support needed to assist them with improving behaviors, enhancing social skills, increasing academic performance and ultimately transitioning successfully back into public school.

At Alpha School, students grow into winners.

1615 So. 6th St., Omaha, NE 68108