Special Needs for Your Extraordinary Kids

Boys Town School District

At Boys Town, children attend year-round academic classes at two state-accredited schools. Younger kids (grades 4 through 8) go to Wegner Middle School, while ​older students attend classes at Boys Town High School. Children who leave Boys Town before high school graduation can transfer their academic credits earned to their community high school.

If a student requires special education services, we provide an IDEA-compliant program that includes special education assessments performed by a licensed psychologist and access to occupational, physical and speech/language therapies. Master’s-level certified teachers plan and deliver daily academic and behavioral instruction.

Some of our students come to Boys Town with an Individualized Education Program (IEP). For these students, Boys Town teachers will follow the IEP to ensure that students are able to reach their educational goals.

14100 Crawford Street, Boys Town, NE 68010