Special Needs for Your Extraordinary Kids

Daily Yaymaker, LLC.

Daily Yaymaker, LLC. is an event and travel consulting business for individuals with unique needs. We bring differently abled members to the community and community to our members. We are a relationship brokers who help to facilitate inclusive community events and travel. We operate on a monthly fee schedule not unlike that of a gym or other leisure membership. Unlike other providers, our members choose the events they participate in through our site. We are fully insured and we have an extensive background and education in working with a variety of abilities. Put a little Yay in your Day and join today. Email Dawna at dailyaymakerne@gmail.com for more information today!

Dawna Daily, M.Ed., Owner Daily Yaymaker (402) 206-3092

Daily Yaymaker believes in inspired belonging. An “everyone CAN SIT WITH US” mentality. We welcome all individuals who want to:

  • Socialize in a safe environment
  • Want to make new friends and project positivity
  • Exhibit age appropriate social and problem solving skills
  • Maintain a respectful attitude towards themselves, others, and show no outwards aggression
  • Independently care of medications and practice independent self-care including rest rooming
  • Able to make own transportation arrangements to/from events
  • Can understand and follow basic rules, social norms, and multiple step directives
  • Those who want to build their independence through “play”
  • Meet the age requirements established by the event sponsors (example-some 21+ only events)