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Teaching Autistic Kids to Program Computers

Teaching Autistic Kids to Program Computers

It’s amazing how quickly some of our autistic kiddos take to technology.  The fact that they have mastered the basic use of computers, tablets, smartphones and apps at such a young age is a credit to their capabilities and a source of inspiration to their parents as to what success may lay ahead.

IT is a part of the human race and will be for centuries to come.  We’ll need kids to start learning how to configure the various apps, devices, networks and servers that provide all of the computer needs we have these days (including this blog!).

That’s where coding comes in.  Coding is another term for computer programming.  If you’re like me and most of our generation (and certainly those before us), the thought of programming a computer might cause your brain to cloud up, shutdown or explode.  It really is like learning and using a foreign language.  But thanks to a number of programs and the introduction of smart device apps, the opportunities to begin teaching our kiddos to code can start as early as age 5, given the right tools and approach.

This article is a good introduction to some of the apps and systems out there that are available today to start teaching kids and young adults the fundamentals of computer programming.  If/Then statements, For/While loops, variables, Java and Python, etc.  These are just some of the many things shared by every area of IT.  It’s valuable to a future programmer and IT Geek to learn those concepts as early as possible.

I hope you’ll take a look at this article and consider introducing your kiddos to some of the apps and approaches they mention.

Check back on the Clubhouse later this year when we talk about our experiences working with Alex and programming the Kano Pixel kit.

Certainly any of you with kiddos who love Minecraft will find some interesting information in here about how they can take that creativity and skill set to the next level.

Are you using the Kano products, Minecraft or anything else to teach your kiddos to program?  If so, please share a comment below and tell the Clubhouse what you liked, hated and what techniques worked for you.

Cheers to you and your little future IT geeks!  Remember, Geeks are awesome.


Coding for Kids with Autism – The Ultimate Guide for Parents and Educators


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